The Gospel According to Apostle Barack - A Real Book Title

Seriously, this book entitled The Gospel According to Apostle Barack: In Search of a More Perfect Political Union as “Heaven Here on Earth” is not a joke. It is just an incredibly sacrilegious and downright embarrassing book given that its author, Barbara A. Thompson, is a professor at Florida A & M University.


Pity her poor students who are going into hock to attend her classes.  Now I fear even more for the future of our nation if this is the kind of manure students are hearing from their professors.

The book’s premise is God spoke to Professor Thompson, telling her that Apostle Barack Obama’s 155 speeches made between February 10, 2007 and January 20, 2009 had the answers to unlock the kingdom of “heaven here on earth.”

This book was written to be taken seriously but I find “God’s words” to Ms. Thompson totally laughable.

Get ready for more books discussing Obama’s legacy, real or imagined, from both a divine and human perspective.  All I know is that it is going to be a very long four years.

In case you were wondering if there is any sanity remaining among Americans in light of President Obama’s reelection, read the customer reviews at the end of this piece.  This one is my favorite:

I know Jesus, Jesus is a savior of mine. You sir (Obama), are no Jesus, or an apostle of Jesus.

Now, the following information about the book and author was taken directly from the Amazon purchase page.  I decided not to edit what appears on Amazon because I wanted to give Tatler readers the full flavor of the book’s content and the author’s intentions so that you would not waste your time and money buying or reading it.

Warning: Read these descriptions at your own risk especially if you did not vote for our “Apostle” president because I guarantee your blood pressure will rise to unsafe levels.


Book Description

Publication Date: July 31, 2012

Yes, Barack had worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, especially those who elected him in 2008. His followers needed to re-elect him to a second term, so that he could continue to accomplish the promises he made, thus, realizing his vision of America as a more perfect political union or “heaven here on earth.”

Then, as I began to contemplate ways to assist Barack in his 2012 re-election bid something miraculous happened. I felt God’s (His) Spirit beckoning me in my dreams at night. Listening, cautiously, I learned that Jesus walked the earth to create a more civilized society, Martin (Luther King) walked the earth to create a more justified society, but, Apostle Barack, the name he was called in my dreams, would walk the earth to create a more equalized society, for the middle class and working poor. Apostle Barack, the next young leader with a new cause, had been taken to the mountaintop and allowed to see over the other side. He had the answers to unlock the kingdom of “heaven here on earth” for his followers. The answers were repeated – over and over – in speeches Barack had made from his presidential announcement to his inaugural address. Those speeches or his teachings contained the answers to the middle class and working poor people living in a “heaven here on earth.” For when the answers were unlocked and enacted, Apostle Barack’s vision of America would be realized.

 About the Author

Barbara A. Thompson is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, with graduate degrees from Florida A&M University and Florida State University. She has been teaching for more than twenty-five years at the university level with experience in the areas of health, physical education and sport management. She is a professor at Florida A&M University, a former assistant vice president for academic affairs, past president of her university’s chapter of United Faculty of Florida, a graduate of the National Education Association’s Emerging Leader Academy and a two-time recipient of the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers Award.

The Gospel According to Apostle Barack: In Search of a More Perfect Political Union as Heaven Here on Earth, her first work of nonfiction was inspired solely for the desire and the goal of re-electing Barack Obama, Jr. to a second term as President of the United States. The words contained in this manuscript were extracted from one hundred and fifty-five (155) speeches Barack made between February 10, 2007 and January 20, 2009. It is the intent of the Author to offer this manuscript as a guide to the President’s followers in their formulation of re-election focus groups based on the percepts espoused herein. Further, it is the intent of the Author to utilize the materials contained in the speeches as a means of teaching Apostle Barack’s followers about him and guiding them towards understanding “politics as religion” and “religion as politics” The manuscript would also serve as a guide for his followers – to unlock the answers – to creating and living in the reality of a middle class lifestyle that was so economically and ethically sound that it appeared to be “heaven here on earth.” Barbara, a newcomer to politics, enjoys writing in her leisure. She has been married to her husband, Willie for over thirty years. The Thompsons have one adult son, Gibran.

 Customer Reviews

Well, once you read the title you can guess how bad the book is going to be. Booker T. Reader  |  4 reviewers made a similar statement

“Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.” KthomasVA  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement

You sir (Obama), are no Jesus, or an apostle of Jesus. Joseph  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement


Are you OK?

I warned you didn’t I?



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