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Re-Electing Obama Forces Business Layoffs, So Liberals Naturally Boycott Businesses

Math is hard, in two senses of the word. It can be difficult to understand, and it’s also unforgiving. One unforgiving aspect of ObamaCare’s math is that it will force many businesses with low profit margins to do one or more of three things: Lay workers off, cut workers’ hours, or pass on the costs of complying with ObamaCare’s mandates onto their customers. Papa John’s pizza and Darden restaurants are looking at the adjustments each will have to make in the world of ObamaCare as far as the political eye can see, and that has liberals talking boycott.

Schnatter’s and Tankel’s candid statements have sparked outrage, with a number of critics flocking to social networking sites to vent their fury. Many have since called on members of the public to boycott both businesses via Facebook boycott pages and Twitter.

“Making a boycott list of companies who said they’d fire people if Obama won. Papa John’s, I’m looking at you. #papajohns #bully #election,” Mike Seeley tweeted.

“Call me crazy, but I want the people who prepare and handle my food to have access to healthcare. #Boycott @PapaJohns & @Applebees. #TFY,” allanbrauer tweeted.

“Multi-millionaire owners of Papa-Johns and Applebee’s crying about providing Healthcare to their employee’s. Time to boycott these idiots,” Alden Schofield tweeted.

On Friday, one anonymous Las Vegas business owner confirmed that he had immediately fired 22 of his 114 employees over President Obama’s reelection Tuesday. He told radio host Kevin Hall that Obama’s victory would prompt nationwide job cuts.

“The Dow alone lost 314 points today. There’s a tsunami coming and if you didn’t think this election had consequences, just wait,” the employer said.

Liberals foisted an unpopular policy on a nation, the majority of which did not want. The liberals did not adjust their policy after the shellacking of 2010. Now that businesses are having to respond to the hard laws of math, the same liberals want to boycott those businesses rather than re-think their terrible policies. There is no reaching or negotiating with these people.

Honest question: Do liberals ever do anything collectively that helps businesses? Does the community based reality ever recognize reality, or are the rest of us just left to cope with their childish tyranny?