Katrina and the Knaves

When you vote for big, crappy, incompetent government run by a tool in a bomber jacket, don’t be shocked when you get big, crappy, incompetent government run by a tool in a bomber jacket.


Dr. Manny Alvarez is the Senior Managing Editor of FoxNews.com/health, as well as a member of Fox News’ Medical A-Team, and he’s among those who have visited some of the hardest hit areas; according to him, health concerns are a major factor for the millions whose homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged.

“To me, it seems like the storm just happened yesterday, because they have been forgotten. Still a lot of state officials, health officials, FEMA haven’t gone out there to look after these folks,” he told America Live on Monday.

Many people affected by the storm already deal with illness and disabilities, but now add to those breathing issues and rashes from cleaning out areas contaminated with sewage and mold outbreaks.

“You have mold in thousands of homes, you have backed-up sewers that have come up into people’s homes and into the streets,” he said, adding that in most places it isn’t government workers helping homeowners and victims clean up the contaminated rubbish, but local civilian volunteers.

Medication supplies are also a great worry, as those who need doctors either can’t get there with transportation, or the offices themselves have shut down; in addition, many pharmacies aren’t even open to customers who need prescription refills.

“This is a major concern. People have to step up; I mean, how long are these people going to wait,” he asked. “If this continues for a longer period of time … things are going to get worse. Winter is here!”

As for a final thought on what he’s seen in the past few days throughout the area? His thoughts are chilling, and point back to another storm that devastated a different major city.

“I can’t see this happening in America, but you know, here we go again … this is Katrina 2012 for a lot of people here in the New York area.”


Barry sucks at pretty much everything except talking, but at least you can bounce a quarter off his butt.  Too bad you can’t bounce real leadership or any good ideas between his ears.


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