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Rule of Law: Philly Style

The Philadelphia Republican Party, led by the fine courtroom work of Linda Kerns, challenged the outrageous placement of voter machines next to a Chavez/Saddam Hussein-style Big Head mural of Obama.  Kerns won the case today and a judge issued this order:

“Cover the mural in it’s entirety . . .so that the content is invisible.”

Pretty simple stuff, right?  Not in Philadelphia, where the law comes second.  Here is the response of the Philadelphia election workers to the order of the court.

Remaining is the large Obama quote with the dog-chases-its-tail “We are the Ones We’ve been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek.”  And it looks to me that about 1/3 of the Big Head painting of Obama is covered.  Philadelphia preserves its reputation of election day lawlessness.