What Are They Thinking? The Last 2012 Election Photo Caption Contest

Here we are the day before the wheels come off the craziest train ever!

That means Tatler Photo Contest fans have permission to allow all inner feelings about these two gentlemen rise to the surface and EXPLODE!  No Rules! No Rules!  (Even if the media is watching.)  Who cares about them anyway?


The truth is our normal rules of “be nice and stay classy” are trashed for this contest because the future of our Republic is at stake!

To start things off here is my entry:

Oh no, now we are thinking, “maybe THEY DID build that.”

Not too bad, but you can do better. So let it rip.

The winner will receive train loads of PR in a future post.

Good luck and buckle your seat belt because the next few days are sure to be a rough ride with a chance of a crash landing.



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