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Get Out and Vote

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Hi.  I’m Sarah A. Hoyt.  Pretend I’m bothering you from a call center.  Which call center?  Ah, well, you may ask since my beliefs lean libertarian, it could be either one, couldn’t it?

Or not.

In case you detect the very slightest hint of an accent…  I am an American by choice, having been born and raised in Portugal.  I chose the US as the place to live in and to raise my children in.

Over the last four years, I’ve been wondering if I’ve done the right thing.  I’ve seen the United States slip down the same path Europe has taken: a path where all your needs are met by the government and you exist as a subject of the government, and not its master.

This is not the country I want for my children.  You see, even if we weren’t going broke even faster than Europe, because unlike Europe we don’t have the United States to finance us, it would still be wrong.  If you’re a subject, you do what you’re told.  I want a nation in which my children are individuals, not units in the government’s head count.

If there were a country still holding fast to the principles of individual liberty that made this country great, I’d move there.  But there isn’t.  So my only choice is to fight for this country.  Those who want socialism and government intervention have many choices.  I have nowhere to go.

So I’m asking you to vote for Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney wasn’t my first choice.  He wasn’t even my second choice.  He’s still too reliant on the state for my taste.  But with all that he has several things to recommend him.

One is his love of America.  He won’t project weakness abroad by apologizing for our actions.  The other is that he’s not as reliant on the state as the present president.  The other yet, is that he recognizes we can’t keep piling on the debt.

Mitt Romney is not our savior.  This is good.  We’ll need to stay alert and keep an eye on him.  We are a sovereign people.  We’re supposed to be the boss.

But he is a step in the right direction.  Mitt will make the state a little smaller, the individual a little bigger.  And then we pick a guy to continue the work.  My grandchildren might yet live in a free country.

So, let’s start this turnaround.  Go out and volunteer.  And tomorrow vote.