Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Unlikely to Win 'Father of Year,' Ever

Robert F. Kennedy, apologist for the likes of Hugo Chavez who once tweeted that Sen. Jim Inhofe is a “prostitute for Big Oil,” was having an affair with actress Cheryl Hines while he remained married to his estranged wife, Mary. This affair played a central role in Mary’s suicide earlier this year. According to her family, she could not bear to see photos of Kennedy with Hines, which were constantly showing up in the media.


The Kennedys have a teenage daughter, Kyra. Understandably, the suicide of her mother sent the girl into trouble of her own. Robert’s answer: Send Kyra to live with his mistress in Los Angeles.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr has been labelled insensitive after he sent his daughter Kyra to live with his girlfriend following her mother committing suicide in May 2012.

It has recently emerged from sources close to the family that Kyra, 16, was sent to live with Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines, in Los Angeles, after Robert found her behaviour difficult to cope with.

When Mary Richardson Kennedy was found dead after having hung herself in the family barn earlier this year, her daughter took the news extremely hard and had been reportedly getting ‘out of control’.

A source told ‘She started going off the rails a bit and the family was concerned over what she would do, how it would all play out.

‘The last thing the Kennedys wanted was another embarrassing scandal, so, Robert decided the best move was to pack her off to live with Cheryl in L.A., away from her friends and any bad influences.’

The decision to send Kyra off to Cheryl surprised many people as it is believed that Mary’s depression was triggered by Robert’s relationship with the blonde actress.


Quite the sensitive father, is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

[A]ccording to close friends of the Kennedy’s, it was no surprise that Robert decided to move Kyra out of his site and it was typical behaviour of his.

‘It wouldn’t even have crossed his mind that it might be difficult for Kyra to deal with, living with her father’s girlfriend while she is trying to grieve over her mother’s suicide.

‘It also probably wouldn’t have been a consideration that maybe his daughter really needed to be surrounded by her own family while she tried to work through her emotions,’ said the source.


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