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New Ad Exposes Obama's Benghazi Disinformation Campaign

After the second presidential debate, President Obama reportedly found the man who had asked him about the lack of security at the US consulate in Benghazi. According to the report, Obama told the man that his administration took a long time to describe Benghazi as a terrorist attack to avoid disseminating disinformation.

But as this new ad from American Crossroads shows, disinformation is all that Americans got from the Obama administration for two weeks.

We’re seeing now why the Obama campaign drove the movie meme after Benghazi, rather than acknowledge the deadly attack for what it was. President Obama had built up a message that he has all but defeated al Qaeda. It was a catchy line — “Osama bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is on the run.” But the Benghazi attack provided strong evidence that al Qaeda is only on the run forward — on offense — in Libya, a country whose dictator Obama helped oust, without providing any sort of leadership for what came next. And what is coming next looks like an Islamist state allied to the new Islamist Egypt, and providing support to the Islamist elements currently trying to oust Assad in Syria.

Rather than acknowledge that Obama’s decisions in Egypt and Libya have helped put al Qaeda back on a forward offensive footing, the campaign tried selling a big lie to the American people.

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