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Romney Calls Girl Likened to the Klan for Wearing Romney Shirt to School

Let’s preface this post with a couple of statements that we constantly hear from the left.

Bullying has become so bad that it should be a federal issue.

No one hates other people naturally. You have to be taught to hate.

Both of those bromides are very relevant to an ongoing story in Philadelphia.

Angered by a teenagers claims of being humiliated by a teacher over a Romney/Ryan T-shirt, students at Charles Carroll High School ignored warnings from administrators and shouted obscenities out school windows at the girls parents Friday morning.

Who taught these bullies to hate?

Samantha Pawlucy had accused her geometry teacher of humiliating her for wearing the shirt, and stayed out of school after saying she learned students had made threats against her. To calm the situation, district officials addressed students Friday, urging them to leave Pawlucy alone.

Let’s look at the superintendent’s actual statement.

Superintendent William Hite Jr. has called the ordeal a “teachable moment” and said he will work with the mayor and the teachers union to move “towards a conversation that brings together diverse beliefs, inspires understanding, and heals.”

Superintendent Hite gets paid $300,000 per year to come up with that.

The teacher who said that theirs was a “Democratic school” while publicly likening her student to the Ku Klux Klan still has her job. Neither she nor the kids who shouted obscenities at Samantha Pawlucy have been properly disciplined. Pawlucy and her siblings are having to switch schools.

Who is teaching what to whom in this “teachable moment?”