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Clyburn: Debate Didn't Shift Momentum to Mitt, But 'Stalled' Obama's

Like any smack-talking before a prize fight, Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn (D-S.C.) predicted confidently on MSNBC this morning that “Paul Ryan is no match for Joe Biden.”

“I know Joe Biden very, very well, he’s a long time friend of mine,” Clyburn said. “…I’m sure he’ll be prepared for whichever Paul Ryan that shows up. The one who is an author of that draconian budget… sets up the privatization of Social Security, cuts student loans dramatically, while expanding tax cuts for wealthy people. Or the one who has become sort of an artist that will sort of shade the issues and parse words rather than laying out a clear vision for the future.”

Clyburn also contended that last week’s disastrous debate didn’t swing momentum away from the incumbent, “but sort of stalled momentum that was shifting dramatically toward President Obama.”

“But then after Friday morning when the job reports came out, you could feel that things were beginning to — to move again. So I fully expect for tonight and tonight’s debate and next Tuesday’s to get things moving in Obama’s direction again,” he said.

Clyburn is hitting the road for Obama with Congress in recess, going to Florida and North Carolina last week and headed for three days in Virginia starting tomorrow.

The assistant leader was also asked if he’d seen Paul Ryan’s buff workout photos or did P90X with the House Budget Committee chairman in the House gym.

“No, I don’t use the House gym much. And I have not seen the pictures. But I understand he works out a whole lot, even run marathons, I hear,” Clyburn said.