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No Mr. Walsh, Conservatives should Complain and Complain Loudly!

I saw that author and screenwriter Michael Walsh had a post up with a caption: “If a conservative can’t work with progressives in Hollywood, he’s going to be very lonely and unemployed.” In the post, he says:

If there’s anything more tiresome than listening to conservative complaints that the media hates them and the polls are rigged — amazing how that meme turned around in a hurry after last week’s debate! — it’s listening to Hollywood conservatives complain that they’ve been blackballed by the Industry due to their political views. While this may be true in some cases, particularly in the “below the line” crafts, it’s difficult to reconcile with the larger picture — which is that “conservative” movies do get made. And “liberal” movies. And movies with no political point of view at all. Amazingly, even in Hollywood, not everything is about politics.

Walsh calls his blog “Unexamined Premises” so maybe he should start by examining his own premise. It’s tiresome to hear conservatives complain? Really?Perhaps what you don’t understand is that complaining by conservatives may be the only thing that may be helping these less-than-commie movies get made. People complaining and standing up for their rights and dignity is the only way that you may be working in Hollywood. And if so many conservative movies get made, do a comparison for me between how many liberal movies and how many conservative ones are made. I am sure the difference is astounding. If so many conservative messages get out there, then why when I was in a theater in Knoxville, Tennessee, did the audience gasp when they saw a preview of An American Carol? They were so unused to liberals such as Michael Moore being made fun of that they could not comprehend what they were seeing. When this sort of movie is normal, instead of a shock, then maybe your “stop complaining” message will make a bit more sense.

But. until that day comes when there is equity in the media between conservatives and liberals, I say to all my fellow libertarians and conservative friends: “Complain often and complain loudly.” Complain to the movie industry, advertisers, the dwindling newspapers and anyone else who makes our viewpoint out to be poison. Because, if we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?