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Double Voters Uncovered

True the Vote, a Houston-based election integrity group, has turned over to the Justice Department the names of dozens of individuals who have voted twice in the same federal election.  Voting twice is a federal felony under 42 U.C.C. 1973i(e).  True the Vote is conducting a nationwide examination of individuals with multiple voter registrations in multiple states.  A voter may only declare domicile in one place for each election. 

We’ll see if Eric Holder’s Justice Department does anything about it.

True the Vote discovered 6,390 people registered in both Florida and Ohio.  Of those, 534 appear to have voted twice in the same federal election.  The examination also discovered at least 19,000 people registered in both New York and Florida.

Until now, nobody has ever conducted a systemic analysis of the nation’s voter rolls to detect this sort of voter fraud.  The Pew Charitable Trust apparently conducted a similar examination – enough to conclude that 2,750,000 bogus voter registrations exist – but never made any referrals to law enforcement authorities. 

Citizen volunteers continue to scour public records to find double registratnts and criminal double voters.

True the Vote will continue to examine voter rolls searching for evidence of double registration and voting.  Would be law-breakers should take notice before they think about casting two ballots in 2012.  Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote warned would be double voters, “It’s important for voters to remember that no candidate or cause is worth a felony conviction.”

In the past, no group or government agency ever examined voter rolls across 50 states looking for criminal double voting or double registration.  This time, however,  somebody is watching.