[VIDEO] Baltimore Woman Has 30 Obama Phones

Yes, I realize that it’s ugly of me to post this story from Fox 45 in Baltimore. Don’t hate me because I’m not beautiful.



Liberals will, very predictably, counter with some variation of “But this program started under Reagan!!1!1!!”

It did, as a modest land line program for the poor, and that’s one of the reasons no Republican should ever institute even the tiniest government entitlement program. Good intentions soon get turned into bad politics. Eventually they get turned into weapons against taxpayers and against Republicans. The whole scam ends up undermining the law-abiding American’s faith in the republic itself.

Under Obama’s watch, according to the Fox 45 report, in Maryland alone — one little state, mind you — the number of these free phones has ballooned from 6,000 in 2008 to 231,000 in 2011. That tracks with how and when the program ballooned up in Ohio and Illinois too.

For you slower liberals out there, those numbers have nothing to do with Reagan. They have everything to do with the current president. He is using a well-intentioned old program to buy himself another term in office.

In Baltimore they give these phones away in vans marked “FREE PHONE & MINUTES.” People have an easy time getting multiples and many of them end up in the hands of drug dealers too.

You liberals want to blame that on Reagan too?

h/t LNN


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