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Sen. Rubio: Florida Could Be As Close in 2012 as It Was in 2000

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio offered a preview of tonight’s presidential debate on a conference call with conservative journalists and bloggers this afternoon.

After noting that President Obama offers a vision in which big government is good for the middle class and good for those seeking to enter the middle class, Rubio said that “Big government is devastating for the people who are trying to make it.” He added “The wealthy can may not like big government but they can afford to deal with it” by hiring lobbyists and getting anti-competitive laws passed that favor their businesses. But the people who cannot afford big government are the people who are trying to start businesses or who run America’s small businesses. “Tonight,” Rubio said, Romney will offer a “devastating argument against big government.”

After ticking through a dismal set of US economic statistics, Rubio said “It doesn’t have to be this way. The 21st Century can be better than the 20th.” He said that Obama and Romney offer very different visions of the future, and only Romney is offering the right set of policies.

Riffing off of Vice President Joe Biden’s comment this week that the middle class has been “buried” in the last four years, Rubio said that Biden is right, and it will take repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with real market reforms, and a “pro-American” energy policy to turn things around.

Rubio said that Florida in 2012 could be as close as Florida was in 2000’s infamous “hanging chad” nailbiter. Rubio noted that Obama won Florida four years ago, so the closeness of current polls show that he has lost ground in the swing state. Rubio said that in Mitt Romney, America has a stellar candidate who has been an extremely successful businessman as well as a model father and model person.