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Five Things You Don't Know About Fast and Furious

The Blaze details the five things we learned from Univision’s explosive investigation of Fast and Furious. Here are the highlights.

1. 57 Previously Unreported Guns From Fast and Furious Discovered

2. Fast and Furious Guns Used in Two Grisly Massacres

Univision published this photo, which has not been seen in the US. Blood has been running in the streets in Mexico. Where is the US mainstream media?

3. U.S. Gun-Walking Operations Conducted in Additional States, Expanded to Other Countries

This one is very intriguing. One of the states Univision mentioned is Texas. I’ve stumbled across something that may be related. Hopefully I’ll be able to nail it down soon.

4. ‘Confirmed’: Jaime Zapata Was Killed With Weapons From U.S. Gun-Walking Operation

5. Mexico’s Cartel Violence Spiked in 2009 During Fast and Furious

Go to the Blaze to get the details on these.

The media has put the re-election of Barack Obama above the lives of Mexican citizens, two American agents, our Second Amendment rights, and the truth. There’s no other way to put it.