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Romney Winning 301 Electoral Votes Projected By Polling Data - New Photo Caption Contest

Am I dreaming?

Maybe or maybe not, but either way this Electoral College map from  is based largely on projected results from UnSkewed and some other astute analysis.

Upon seeing this map, I immediately knew it was time for another world famous Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

Since this past Sunday when Charlie Martin wrote about UnSkewed on this very same PJ Tatler and then the Drudge Report linked to Martin’s piece, UnSkewed Polls has been quite the rage.

You can think of UnSkewed Polls as the web site equivalent of Advil. You take the site two times a day for relief from all the aches and pains caused by ingesting data from the usual polls, skewed by the oversampling of Democrats, resulting in depressing supporters of Team Romney.

Warning label: Taking UnSkewed Polls twice daily may cause delusions and euphoria.

So ignoring the warning label, here is my entry:  President Obama did not build this map and has canceled the election.

Lame, so lame and I know Tatler readers can do MUCH better.

(Actually, one could say President Obama’s policies did build it, but this is not part of my “official” entry.)

The winning caption writer will, as always, receive priceless PR in a future post.

Now, proceed immediately to your keyboard and submit a creative caption worthy of this Electoral College map projecting a solid red Romney romp.

For any reader new to our world famous Tatler Photo Caption Contests there are only two rules, “be nice and stay classy” because “the media” is watching.

Yes, THEY ARE watching, because if these projections ARE accurate, “the media,” (along with a ton of polling companies) will be out of business on Wednesday, November 7th – or probably trying to convince the American people that Romney stole the election.

Good luck and don’t get too cocky because all the red states on this map are only reflections of 2012 “hope” triumphing over 2008 “change.”