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The Politics of Leasing Office Space: A True Story

Last night while having dinner out with a group of friends one of them, a real estate developer, who happens to be a Republican, told us about a phone call he received last week.

The caller was inquiring about leasing some office space in a building owned by my friend. This building, by the way, is located in a swing county in a swing state.

The caller mentioned that his organization had to leave their current space by October 1st and only wanted to lease new space for the months of October and November.

My friend asked the caller the name of his organization and the caller stated it was The Committee to Reelect the President of (name withheld) County.

Upon hearing that, my friend said, “No, I do not want to lease your organization any space.”

The caller replied, “Screw you!”

My friend said, “Spoken like a true Democrat.”

Asked if I could write about this little exchange, my friend gave his permission, but only if I did not reveal his name or location. He is honestly afraid of possible repercussions.

At the dinner table we all laughed about this story, especially that the caller referred to his organization as The Committee to Reelect the President.

Readers under the age of 50 might not know that this was the name of President Richard Nixon’s infamous reelection organization later implicated in the Watergate scandal and known by its initials CREEP.

You just can not make this stuff up!