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Russia Taking Steps to Ban the Koran & Deport Sharia Supporters reports that Russia is taking steps to ban the Koran and deport Sharia supporters. Let’s see if that’ll bring out people who are willing to go and burn Russian embassies in the North African and other Muslim countries. I bet you it won’t because the Russians know how to keep their enemies closer.

Take Russia’s relationship with the Iranian regime. Without getting into historical back-stories, take Russia’s relationship with the Iranian Mullahs! Mark my words, the Iranian regime won’t say boo to protest this to Russia; the same way the Iranian regime elite stayed silent as the grave when in 2009, the Chinese regime was attacking the Uighur,  jailing and killing Chinese Muslims.

And last but not least on the juicy Ruskie-Khomeinist front, in case you missed this tidbit: Though many of us Iranians suspected it, it recently came to light, thanks to the rather interesting slip of an RT reporter’s lip…guess who was revealed to have been a student during the early ’60’s, studying away, at Moscow’s Patrice Lemumba International School of Friendship? ~ * ~ Wait for it…The Supreme Leader Himself, Seyed Ali Khamenei (check out the below video). Now, that’s just one of those things that makes you go hmmmmm…

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