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Ambassador Rice: Libya Consulate Attack Not Premeditated

And Obama’s favorite ambassador also said the US isn’t “impotent” and that the film Innocence of Muslims was the “direct” cause of the riots and was “widely disseminated.”


Our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo,” Rice told me this morning on “This Week.”

“We’re not impotent,were not even less popular to challenge that assessment” said Rice. ” What happened this week in Cairo, in Benghazi and many other parts of the region was a result, a direct result, of a heinous and offensive video that was widely disseminated, that the U.S. government had nothing to do with, which we have made clear is reprehensible and disgusting.”

Word has it that when Rice retires from government, she will go to work as a storyteller at her local library.

First, let us disabuse the clueless ambassador of the notion that the attack on our embassy was just the spontaneous outpouring of emotion of the poor, put upon jihadists who weep whenever the prophet is looked at cross-eyed.


According to one of the Libyan security guards who was stationed at one of the gates armed with only a radio, the assault began simultaneously from three directions.

Heavy machine guns and rocket -propelled grenades were used, according to the guard. He said masked men threatened to kill him at gunpoint for ‘protecting the infidels. He declined to appear on camera for fear of repercussions.

The February 17th Brigade — a militia connected to the government but not part of Libya’s armed forces — was closely involved in the rescue of the American staff trapped after the attack Tuesday night.

After the consulate was attacked and set on fire, a number of Americans escaped to a safe-house in another part of the city. But that came under attack too.

Mabrouk said he received a call from an official in Tripoli, who said he had been called by a “terrified” American in Benghazi.

The official was at the safe-house. Mabrouk says the Brigade asked the Americans if they needed help — but were told that while the situation was dangerous, it was under control.

A few hours later, Mabrouk said he received another call from Tripoli about the arrival of a U.S. team at Benghazi airport that needed transport into the city.

He met the seven Americans, who were heavily armed but not in military uniform, on the runway and provided them with an armed escort, he said.

As soon as the two vehicles carrying the seven Americans arrived at the safe house, they came under intense attack — including a volley of grenades and machine-gun fire. The assailants then fled.


It must have been mental telepathy or some kind of psychic connection that allowed the jihadists to attack the embassy “simultaneously from three directions.” Nope. No “premeditation” there.

And its a good thing the fanatics remembered to bring their heavy weapons just in case they spontaneously decided to attack.

Also, how the jihadists were able to get the location of our top secret safe house and attack it without “premeditation” is a library storytime session I wouldn’t want to miss.

The “no premeditation” narrative is vital to the Obama campaign because if there were a plot afoot — and it seems obvious there was — then the Obama administration could be blamed for not listening to the warnings prior to the attack. A “spontaneous” attack leaves them blameless.

So in furtherance of a campaign narrative, the administration will sell the lie that we couldn’t possibly have done anything else to prevent or prepare for the attack. Conveniently, the State Department will not answer any more questions about the Benghazi attack as long as the incident is under criminal investigation.

It wouldn’t matter anyway. If Ambassador Rice can’t bring herself to utter the truth why should we believe the State Department would be any more honest?

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