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What a Few Years Hath Wrought

The events of the last few days have engendered both anger and sadness in me.

The invasions of our embassies are something just four years ago we would not have tolerated — let alone the murder of one of our ambassadors. The State Department has been gutless for decades, but four years ago we had a president who would have dealt with the filth the way they deserved.

I’m 40 years old. I remember when our embassy in Tehran was invaded. I remember when the hostages were taken. I wasn’t old enough to really understand what was going on at the time. But I remember how angry my parents were.

I remember, a generation ago, when an American was still mostly safe overseas. When the whack jobs knew that killing Americans was the surest way to find the Marines knocking on your door and enquiring “would you like to go quietly or should we just shoot you now?”

Now? We insist we’ll work with the government which allowed our ambassador to be murdered to “bring the perpetrators to justice.” And we apologize to the bullies in the street for having offended them. I’m surprised the moral coward in the White House hasn’t started apologizing for getting our blood on their hands.

Arab culture respects strength and considers weakness moral justification for abuse. What have we shown them these last four years?

Have we once stood up to them? Have we once made it clear that Americans are not safe targets?

No, we have again and again bowed down to the terrorists.

Despite expert after expert warning President Empty Chair that the Muslim Brotherhood were Not Our Friend™ we helped them to power in two separate countries and keep calling for them to come to power in Syria.

This only gets worse folks. I’d call for Obama to show strength, but it’s impossible.

The man has all the backbone of an earthworm, and all the courage of his idol Teddy Kennedy at Chappaquiddick.

Hopefully this will wake America up. Obama was right, America has lost it’s place in the world.

And it’s his fault.