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Obama Skipped Presidential Daily Briefings in the Week Before the Middle East Attacks (Update: Warned)

Breitbart’s Wynton Hall took at look at President Obama’s public schedule for the week leading up to the attacks on the US in Egypt and Libya. During that entire week, Obama made numerous campaign appearances and attended his party’s convention in Charlotte, NC. But according to his schedule, he never attended a single Presidential Daily Briefing during that week.







The last time prior to the slayings that the White House calendar publicly confirms Mr. Obama attending his daily intelligence briefing was September 5th. (The White House did not provide an official public calendar for the weekend of September 8-10.) Mr. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at 5:00 p.m. yesterday.

That meeting occurred after the attacks, and produced no statement from any of the principals involved until today.

The White House claimed Tuesday that the president reads the briefing materials when he does not attend the meetings.

By the way: The Tatler reported Monday that the US embassy in Cairo was under threat.