Google, Al Jazeera Work Together for the 'Syrian Fall'



On the heels of the Arab Spring, we’re in the middle of the “Syrian Fall” with much involvement by the same people who trained the Egyptian youth for the Arab Spring in the first place. We discovered then that our own State Department, working with, was instrumental in preparing Egyptians for this action, and they have not slowed down in their work since.

Advertisement (formerly Alliance of Youth Movements) became part of the Advancing Human Rights umbrella this summer, run by David Keyes of Together with Google and Al Jazeera, they recently unveiled their latest project, interactive mapping of defectors from the Syrian regime. It offers names, bio information and more, yet nowhere to be found was any explanation of how this would be used.

An interesting quote from Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVall in a New Republic piece from 2005 might illuminate us: “Regimes fall when their defenders defect.” Is this a clue as to why Syrian defectors are being watched so closely?

It’s not a stretch, considering the close relationship between Ackerman’s global work in supporting “nonviolent” revolutions and his links with In fact, one of the founders of, Stephanie Rudat, is featured in an Ackerman video on nonviolent conflict.

This all begs the question “What’s the problem? Isn’t it good that they are helping people form democracies and get out from under oppressive dictators?” It sure sounds good on the surface, but consider:


What is the end game? Considering the fact that we seem to be involved in a global movement, we deserve to be offered answers on exactly what these nonviolent crusaders at Google, Al Jazeera and within our own State Department have planned.



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