Joe Klein's Broken Clock Moment On Obama's Speech

Well, the headline anyway.

Naturally, Klein couches mild criticisms in as much partisan advocacy “journalism” as he possible can without donning a cheerleader skirt.


The President gave a fine speech Thursday night. His vision of the country is much closer to the place where I live — and, I daresay, where most Americans live — than Mitt Romney’s. It is an America that includes truck drivers and teachers and autoworkers as well as Romney’s beloved entrepreneurs.

Is it now safe to infer without being accused of racism that “Romney’s beloved entrepreneurs” aren’t a priority for the current administration?

Perhaps it was the absence of detail. The only propositional statistic I remember is his calling for 100,000 more math and science teachers. I wanted him to say: Here’s what we did that worked; here’s where we need to work harder; here are a few things we’ve learned we have to do differently; here’s what I hope we can do.

Maybe the news of the week for manufacturing and jobs (which they surely knew was coming) tempered the “rah-rah” spirit a little.

For every slightly serious observation, Klein offers a paragraph or two of defense. However, it is noticeable that the Left Media is asking any questions at all.

But I still wonder: What is he going to do with his second term? What are the next things we need to do as a nation?

The more skeptical voters in America might believe that President Obama’s answer to the first question has little to do with the second.


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