Union Boss: Romney 'Doesn't Know a Thing About Hard Work or Responsibility'

The head of the AFL-CIO charged in Charlotte tonight that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney “doesn’t know a thing about hard work or responsibility.”


“Our economy works best when it works for everyone, not just the select few,” union boss Richard Trumka told the DNC. “And our history teaches us that shared prosperity is the only kind that lasts and we will have that under Barack Obama.”

Trumka said President Obama and Vice President Biden “have put the country on the right path towards jobs and shared prosperity despite the obstruction they face from a dishonest, politically motivated, economically challenged Republican Majority in Congress.”

“Prosperity requires democracy starting with the essential right of everyone in this great country to a voice, both at the ballot box and at the workplace; the right to solve problems together; and to climb the ladder to the middle-class the old fashioned way, through hard work, fairly rewarded,” he said.

“We face a choice in November between division and decline, between unity and growth, we love our country. We built it. We defend it. We wake it up each morning. Make it run all day. We fix it when it’s broke; we put it to bed at night.”


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