Dem Delegate Compares Voter ID to Rape, and Other DNC Outrages of the Day

Predictably, President Obama’s amnesty-lite has led to more strident demands for a more permanent amnesty for illegal aliens. A busload of illegal aliens has arrived at the DNC in Charlotte to make that demand explicit in something they’re calling the “Undocu-Bus.”


“Were not here to beg or to ask, like we have been doing for many years, for immigration reform,” he said. “We’re here to put an option to President Obama on the table, which is to be on the right side of history.”

Maria Cruz Ramírez, another illegal immigrant on the bus, said she has been more vocal after states (like Arizona and Alabama) have passed tougher immigration laws. She said the group met with black civil rights leaders and has adopted a more “uncompromising message” as a result.

The bus is subtitled a “Journey for Justice.” Given what the nation’s laws actually say concerning illegal immigration, though, justice is the very last thing they want. Justice would send them on a journey of a different kind.

Police unions act like mobs to demand more from taxpayers. The taxpayers can’t even afford what the unions have already extorted.

The Democrats dropped God and the Israeli capital, Jerusalem, from their platform.

Added to their platform, is a glorification of Big Labor as the force that built America. So you didn’t build it, Big Labor built it. Or something. The Democrats are even having “Hug a Thug” day to “thank” Big Labor.


Charlotte, NC’s motto for the DNC convention is “We Make It Possible.” Coming after Obama’s “You didn’t build that!” and the Democrats’ platform ode to the unions, “We Make It Possible” seems to fit the whole Democratic Party’s self-serving ethos.

A local news story about the slogan includes this curious line:

More than 15,000 visiting journalists are expected to spread the message across the country.

If that was the expectation, the DNC should have put some of those journalists up in better hotels.

In the “totally inappropriate analogy” category, a DNC delegate compares voter ID to rape.

Front page thumbnail credit The Looking Spoon.


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