Anti-Obama Film 2016 Shocks Hollywood by Opening at #3 in the Country Overnight

The film is likely to drop precipitously over the next couple of days — largely because it is showing in 1/3 fewer theaters than action flicks that are playing at the same time.


But this has got to be eating away at Obama supporters in Hollywood.

As predicted Millenium/Lionsgate’s The Expendables 2 will finish in first place Friday and this weekend. It’s followed by Universal’s The Bourne Legacy in second place and the Rocky Mountain Pictures’ documentary 2016 Obama’s America in third place after starting out Friday #1. That’s stunning because it’s playing in a 1/3 less theaters across North American than the other wide release actioners. (See below for more details). However, its hot pre-sales have made the pic frontloaded, and its ranking will fall steeply by end of Sunday. But its new cume after this weekend could make it the #1 conservative documentary (ahead of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed’s $7.7M). The success of the anti-Obama pic comes on the eve of the Republican National Convention August 27-30.

Here’s the film’s website which lists theaters where it is playing.

And here’s a trailer:


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