Calling People 'Holocaust-Obsessed' Is the New Holocaust Denial

Don’t let the bland title deter you from reading the brilliant and necessary article on SlateA New Slur” by Ron Rosenbaum. The author’s subject is the increasingly ubiquitous accusation of “Holocaust obsession” used against those who persist in seeing significance in this greatest of all human atrocities. Writes Rosenbaum:


It’s the word “obsessed” that seems problematic to me. It implies a bright line between legitimate interest and something else, something over-intense, feverish, and counterproductive. But where is that line? How much time should we spend worrying about the threat of future Holocausts and genocides, not just those involving Jews.

I’m not just harkening back to the early days of blogging when I urge you to read the whole thing.


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