Really: Is it Really News that the Political Elite Want us to Believe that All is Safe and Well Along Our Border with Mexico?

Wow, is it really news that the political elites along the border between Texas and Mexico want to continue to portray the border region as safe and crime is dropping?


Sadly the Obama administration has joined the local cabal, clueless as to how to defend our borders while appealing to some base political interests amongst Latino leadership that have sold out to the Democrats.

Texas state leaders such as Gov. Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and the Legislature have demonstrated time and time again that effective policing strategies work to protect not just the border region of Texas but in fact the entire country. The problem is the costs associated with placing additional “boots on the ground,” a function that is clearly a federal government responsibility under the US Constitution.

Sadly it takes a brave and dedicated law enforcement official to blow the whistle on the ostrich strategy deployed by too many leaders along the border. There are counties well inland from the border where dead bodies are regularly discovered along the desert ranch lands from those victims of the criminal gangs who engage in human smuggling while using the same tactics for drugs and other illegal schemes.

Hopefully the FBI and state authorities will take this whistle-blowers’ evidence of tampering with and falsifying crime statistics and shed light on the growing dangerous criminal elements that controls and dominates way too much of our nation’s border with Mexico.


Bryan Preston should be congratulated for bringing this issue to light. All of us need to focus our concern anger and anxiety to bear on public officials in Washington and Texas to ensure this travesty is uncovered completely and those involved suffer fullest extent of the law. It’s also another example of the MSM ignoring this issue and the criminality that is out of control on our border with Mexico.

Hopefully the MSM will do some self-examination and dedicate the resources necessary to look beyond the white wash of local Chamber of Commerce interests and the shallow the political interests of the federal government, and bring attention to the dangerous situation that millions of Americans living legally in America face on a daily basis along our nation’s border with Mexico.


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