Wasserman Schultz: What Delights 'Severely Conservative Extreme Republicans' Won't Work in Florida

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said this morning on CNN that a GOP ticket that delights “severely conservative extreme Republicans” won’t go over so well with Florida seniors.


“Mitt Romney’s full embrace of the Ryan budget by actually nominating and selecting its author and architect to be his running mate really spells disaster for the middle class, spells disaster for seniors, because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both want to end Medicare as we know it,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Romney is in St. Augustine and Miami, Fla., today while Ryan heads to central Florida next weekend.

Wasserman Schultz said that Ryan’s Medicare reform would take seniors back to the days “that had them choosing between medicine and meals and had them choosing between health care and paying their rent and literally surviving.”

She also defended the Democratic-affiliated super PAC ad that linked Romney to a cancer death while maintaining that the DNC wasn’t involved in creating the ad.

“The individual in that ad was making the point that Mitt Romney’s claim to fame and his predicate for his candidacy for president is that he had private sector experience. His private sector experience devastated companies like GST Steel. It bankrupted companies,” Wasserman Schultz said. “It laid people off and cut their benefits and that had an impact on families like that gentleman’s and that’s the point the ad is trying to make, and I think it’s a valid one.”


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