Pelosi Says GOP is 'E-Coli' When it Comes to Government Spending

Does this make the Democratic party an emetic? I don’t know about you, but Nancy Pelosi routinely makes me want to throw up every time she opens her mouth so maybe there’s something to that.


The Hill:

“I say to [Republicans], do you have children that breathe air? Do you have grandchildren that drink water?,” Pelosi asked. “I’m a mom and I have five kids … as a mom I was vigilant about food safety, right moms? If you could depend on the government for one thing it was that you had to be able to trust the water that our kids drank and the food that they ate. But this is the E. coli club. They do not want to spend money to do that.”

The role and size of government has become one of the central themes of the 2012 election.

Republicans argue that government spending and the deficit are pushing the United States toward insolvency, and that the left is trying to create a state where citizens are dependent on federal programs. Democrats say the GOP is trying to cut the social safety net for the benefit of the wealthiest citizens.

“Bless their hearts, it’s the philosophy Republicans in Congress have,” Pelosi added. “And bless their hearts, they act upon their beliefs. It’s an ideology. We shouldn’t have a government role. So reduce the police, the firemen, the teachers, reduce their role and give tax cuts to the high end. That will stimulate the economy and everything will be good.”

Well, Pelosi has really escalated the battle now.. If it’s bacterial warfare she wants, she’s going to wish she never started it.I hear the GOP is going to compare Democrats to Necrotizing fasciitis — flesh eating bacteria. Fill in your own metaphor here.


For the record, most Republicans don’t want to poison little children so that rich people pay less in taxes. I think we can say that with some degree of certainty. Nor is it probable that the GOP wants your kid to drink dirty water or breathe dirty air because they think government is too big. There are plenty of other things to cut in the budget that the GOP would gladly take an ax to — some Nevada green projects come to mind that Pelosi’s brother in law benefits from. Or some real estate deals that Pelosi’s husband benefits from. Or maybe some other San Francisco area projects that Pelosi has steered through Congress for her cronies might be better axed than spending on the Clean Air Act.

In short, Pelosi’s hysterical rant against Republicans went a little too far. That hardly matters when Harry Reid continues to insist that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years despite the absence of a shred of proof. The bar on political attacks has been lowered so much by the president and his surrogates that before you know it, Republicans will accuse the president of being a Muslim and Democrats will accuse Romney of being a wimp.

Oh, wait…


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