ABC's Brian Ross Finds His White Whale

ABC’s Brian Ross struck out hard when he tried to smear the Tea Party after the Colorado Batman shooting, on national television.

ABC didn’t fire him for making a boob of himself and making the network look biased and amateur. Heck, behind the scenes the suits probably praised his “investigative instinct,” which consisted of Googling a name and saying whatever he found on the air, since it momentarily made the right look bad. His heart was in the right place.


Well, now Ross has found his right-wing killer, in the form of the Sikh temple shooter.

After explaining Wade Page’s links to violent, bigoted groups, Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos wondered how this murderer could have purchased a gun, Ross insisted that the FBI did not have “enough evidence to open a full field investigation because of his links to these right-wing, neo-Nazi groups.

Nazism is a form of socialism (national socialism), which is a species of the left. Always was. The Nazis were slightly to the right of the communists, but not a whole lot. I guess in Brian Ross’ world, anything to the left of communism is “right-wing.”


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