Breitbart: Muslim Group's Attack on Michele Bachmann 'Cancelled' When Media Fails to Show - UPDATED

It’s a sad day for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

On Friday they announced that they would be holding a press conference in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill demanding that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney denounce fellow-GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.


Breitbart has the exclusive report on the press conference, which MPAC cancelled after the fact when the media failed to show up for their event:

MPAC, the Muslim Public Affairs Council announced a press conference for today at 9am in front of the RNC.  The press conference was to “Call on Romney to Denounce Bachmann’s Witch Hunt.”  MPAC is a Southern California-based Muslim lobbying group now closely aligned with the Obama White House.

Haris Tarin, the director of the Washington office, recently chastised Rep. Michelle Bachmann for asking national security questions about the role of certain Muslim American Organizations and individuals in high ranking governmental positions. Representative Bachmann sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

The press release, originally dated August 3, 2012, was updated this morning to announce the press conference’s cancellation.  MPAC also updated their Facebook page, announcing the cancellation.

However, MPAC did have a press conference this morning in front of the RNC.  Turn-out was underwhelming, to say the least.  Breitbart News has exclusive photos of MPAC’s press conference that, indeed, was held in front of the RNC at 9am this morning.


Be sure to check out Breitbart’s pics and videos of MPAC’s “cancelled” press conference. I was on the Hill at 9am this morning, and despite MPAC’s claims of cancelling because of the weather (at best it was an intermittent sprinkle that was over by the time of their event), they really had to cancel because no one really gave a s*%t.

But don’t worry: when they are able to reschedule their “cancelled” press conference and remind their media dhimmies of their submission expect it to get wall-to-wall coverage by MSNBC, CNN, HuffPo and Think Progress.

UPDATE: The Blaze has an interview with MPAC DC director Haris Tarin where he indirectly blames Michele Bachmann for yesterday’s Sikh temple shooting at the “cancelled” press conference.



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