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BREAKING: Sen. Harry Reid Delivers 'Chilling' Response to Accusations that He is a Pederast

Accusations flew all over the Internet this week, from multiple sources, that Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada is a pederast. The accusations were based on evidence equal to the evidence proffered by Sen. Reid, that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for ten years; i.e. no evidence at all. One of the anonymous and nonexistent sources described the senator as a “creepy old bird.” Another described him as a “disgusting git.” But the serious accusations against Sen. Reid were abundant in the public conversation, and today, his office has addressed them.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson delivered a “chilling” one-word response to the allegations:


Should the spokesman for a senator accused of heinous crimes against children use the word “Cute” to respond to the allegations against his boss? Is this not the sort of non-denial denial that indicates a guilty conscience? Or is it an admission of some sort?

Reid’s office’s official response only leads to less certainty regarding the serious allegations against him, and leads to more questions about his behavior. “Cute” also brings up the possibility of a cover-up, using taxpayer-funded Senate staff.

Reid has yet to answer allegations that he embezzled the $535 million that was intended for Solyndra, and paid no taxes on his booty. That allegation, like the allegation Reid levied against Mitt Romney, is also based on an equal amount of evidence to the other noted allegations; i.e. no evidence whatsoever.

Source say that the investigation into the multiple, serious and unfounded allegations may snare Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

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