Syria Chemical Weapons Threat Growing

Little Syria – not Russia, China or the USA – is said by many to have the world’s biggest supply of chemical weapons.  Where did they come from?  Saddam?


We may know some day, but that’s not our immediate problem as Syria descends into chaos. A huge WMD stockpile could fall into the hands of terrorists.

Meanwhile,  Assad’s minions said today that those weapons would not be used internally, but warned they would be unleashed if there was external aggression toward Syria.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague declared the Syrian weapons threat “unacceptable“.  It’s that and more.  DebkaFile has this report of what we’re dealing with:

The chemical stockpile is kept at the al-Safira base northwest of Damascus in the care of the president’s personal guard unit which takes orders from Bashar Assad and no one else. If the heads of that guard saw the regime suddenly collapse – as it was expected to do last Wednesday when assassins murdered the men closest to the president – the American official says, “It is impossible to predict how they will act or what use they will make of the weapons systems under their guard.”

“They may decide to sneak out of Syria to Lebanon and take with them the entire arsenal as insurance for their safety and future,” he suggested.

According to our military sources, the arsenal which could be spirited across to Lebanon contains a lot more than chemical weapons. It also includes Scud C and Scud D surface missles capable of delivering chemical warheads and also the Russian-made advanced Pantsyr-S1 (NATO codenamed SA-22 Greyhound) anti-air missiles, which have been guarding the chemical stocks.


Fortunately, as of now, at least according to the same Debka report (yes, yes, I’m aware of their erratic track record but still…), Assad has not decided to ship his supply to Hizbullah and Hassan Nasrallah has not even decided to receive them. He might not want to incur the wrath of the Turks, the Joradians, the Israelis and the Americans all at once.


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