'Why Does My Voting For Romney Have To Be About Race?'

As a result of a stroke my 86 year old mother now resides in a nursing home.

Last week a nurse’s aide was in her room when an ad for President Obama appeared on television.


(Given that my mother resides in Florida, commercials for President Obama’s re-election appear even more frequently than those for erectile dysfunction.)

While the ad was running the aide, a woman of color, asked my mother who she was voting for in the upcoming presidential election. My mother, a liberal Democrat who has never voted for a Republican in her entire life, told the aide that in 2008 she voted for Obama but this November she planned on voting for Romney.

Upon hearing that, the aide said to my mother, “If you were black you would be voting for Obama.”

So according to this nurse’s aide it is only the color of my mother’s skin that should determine her vote, not her opinion of President Obama job performance.

My mother later relayed this conversation to me because she was terribly disheartened by the aide’s remark. She asked, “Why does my voting for Romney have to be about race? I thought race didn’t matter any more.”

These were brilliantly formulated questions coming from someone who, as a result of a stroke, was left with some brain damage.

In fact, shouldn’t these questions be asked and discussed more often and openly in the national media arena? Or is it that our nation’s declining white population is afraid of the answers.


My mother thinks Mitt Romney would be a good president and she is willing to give him a chance — the same chance she gave Obama in 2008 when she did not see his race as a factor in her voting decision.

Wasn’t that what was supposed to have occurred when Barack Obama was elevated to the highest office in the land?

White voters who voted for Obama believed that by doing so, a side benefit would be that race would become less of an issue for voters of all races then, and on into the future.

Now instead what we have is a brain damaged 86 year old white woman sitting in her wheelchair trying to understand why she is being criticized for changing her vote based solely on her skin color.

My mother honestly thought that after the 2008 election of the first African American president the race rules had changed, but now she knows differently.



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