@TheDemocrats Fire Off the Most Ironic Tweet in the History of Twitter

Right here:

Set aside the fact that Mitt Romney’s reputation is for fixing things, not whining or blaming. If casting blame is unpresidential, it’s probably not a good idea for the Democrats to bring that up.


Here’s an unpresidential attempt by Barack Obama to blame the bad economy on the Arab Spring and Japan’s tsunami.


Here’s an unpresidential attempt to blame the deficit on his predecessor:

There have been a lot of those over the years.

Here’s an unpresidential attempt to blame Bush for the GSA scandal that happened on Obama’s watch:

Here’s an unpresidential attempt to blame Bush for the BP oil spill:

Here’s an upresidential attempt to blame Bush for Solyndra, an investment Bush rejected but Obama approved.

And here’s an unpresidential attempt to claim that Obama hasn’t tried to cast blame on others.

There’s more across the Internets where these came from.

The Democrats are right: Casting blame around is unpresidential. So why do they support the man who most consistently casts blame around?


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