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Top Economic GOP: Since WWII, Obama's Recovery Stinks the Worst

The top Republican in Congress on the Joint Economic Committee today said President Obama has overseen the worst economic recovery in recent history.

“As you know the president is really struggling these days. The June jobs report was a bit of a milestone,” said Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) on CNN. “And now out of ten recoveries since World War II, President Obama’s recovery ranks dead last, tenth in both jobs and economic growth.”

Brady said that if Obama was even just an “average” president, “4 million more Americans would be going to work this morning.”

The White House rearranged Obama’s schedule this morning to notch in an East Room statement “on the need for Congress to act to extend tax cuts for middle class families.” Meaning, he’ll call for extending the Bush tax cuts but not for the top income earners.

The House is expected to pass an extension of all the Bush tax cuts this month.

“I think he’s looking for anything to cover up just a horrible economic record,” Brady said.

“The president has already raised more than $60 billion of taxes. Guess how much went to the deficit? Zero. Not a dollar,” he added. “…At the end of the day, I think the president will understand he’s in really a bad economic position. He will cave and we will not see the tax increases he hopes for.”

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