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How the Mainstream Media Ignores Obama's Communist Mentor

At The American Thinker today, Paul Kengor has an important article about how the media, including Obama’s many biographers, have ignored, downplayed the influence of, or failed to identify the politics of Obama’s mentor, the late Frank Marshall Davis, an ardent Stalinist and member of the Communist Party, U.S.A.


Kengor makes the following point in his conclusion, referring to David Maraniss’s best-selling new biography of the President:

And therein is the central liability in David Maraniss’s treatment of Frank Marshall Davis, even given the noteworthy new material he provided. His failures with Davis are symptomatic of his overall failure to deal with Obama’s politically radical past. In this, unfortunately, Maraniss is not alone. He is yet another liberal Obama biographer who has left the vetting to us conservatives — so we can be attacked as Neanderthal McCarthyites, or worse. So be it. Someone needs to do the mainstream media’s job.

To understand Obama, and how he got to where he is today, studying everything about his past is pertinent.  Kudos to Paul Kengor for studying what so many others have shied away from exploring.

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