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Obama Claims He was 'Outspent' During 2008 Presidential Elections. He May Be Just a Bit Off.

Here’s the video, from July 6.

“You know what, I might be worried about all this money being spent if it wasn’t for my memories of previous campaigns,” Obama said. “That first campaign I ran, that last campaign I ran in 2008, I’ve been outspent before.”

According to an ABC News story published Dec. 5, 2008, here are the 2008 campaign totals:

John McCain campaign — $238 million

Federal matching funds — $50 million

TOTAL                               — $288 million

Obama campaign            — $750 million

According to ABC, not only did Obama raise more money than McCain by a huge margin, he outraised both George W. Bush and John Kerry’s combined 2004 total.

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