Democrat Congressman: America Should Model Its Schools After Muslim Madrassas

Rep. Andre Carson (D) represents Indiana’s 7th congressional district, and has since 2008. Speaking at an Islamic forum on May 26, 2012, Carson offered a plan that differs substantially with his party’s official stance on education reform. He said that American schools will not perform until they follow the Muslim madrassa model.


CARSON: America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our Madrassas, in our schools where innovation is encouraged. Where the foundation is the Koran.

Carson’s wife is a school principal in Indiana’s Pike Township school system. He is one of two Muslims in the US Congress.

President Barack Obama attended a Muslim madrassa as a child in Indonesia. Madrassas have become infamous since the terrorist attacks of 9-11 for their strict religious indoctrination, which often includes exhortations to follow Koranic teachings to slay Jews and Christians as infidels.


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