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Rewind - 2010: Egypt's prez Morsi called for expulsion of US ambassadors across Middle East

While doing  a bit of filing in the office yesterday I came across a Sept. 2010 Reuters article of more recent interest.

You might recall that was the time when Terry Jones in Florida was threatening to burn a Koran on the 9/11 anniversary and had the whole Muslim world in an uproar — before he had even committed the act (which happened several months later).


In the mere contemplation of such an action by Terry Jones, the Muslim Brotherhood was calling on all Muslim countries to expel all US ambassadors. And who was making this call?

According to Reuters:

Mohammad Mursi, spokesman for Egypt’s influential Muslim Brotherhood, said the organization was calling for pressure on all Muslim governments to expel US ambassadors.

So the new Egyptian president and Muslim Brotherhood leader (who as I wrote the other day, joined the Muslim Brotherhood while living in the US) who the Obama administration worked hard to put into power was calling for the expulsion of US ambassadors across the Middle East for the mere contemplation of the burning of a Koran by a private US citizen.

Another example of the Obama administration’s #smartdiplomacy.

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