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Breaking: Secret Service Disrupts Student-Led Anti-Holder Protest at the White House, Citing 'Suspicious Package'

AG Eric Holder’s Department of Justice allowed thousands of “suspicious packages” to walk into drug war-torn Mexico, where they played a role in the murders of two American agents and hundreds of Mexicans, but none of those packages have prompted today’s disruption of a student protest outside the White House in Washington, by the US Secret Service. The protest, which took place this morning, was peaceful according to report the Tatler has received from the scene. These exclusive photos bear out both that the protest was small and that it was peaceful.

It was shortly after this third photo was taken, that the Secret Service moved in and disrupted the protest.

The Secret Service on Monday shutdown a student-protest calling for the firing of Attorney General Eric Holder saying they were acting on concerns over a ‘a suspicious package’ apparently left by a tourist on White House grounds.

Secret Service officials forced the approximately 50 student-activists, who organized the event over social media, to leave the area after the protest had attracted significant attention from members of the White House press corps. and major news outlets.

Maurice Lewis, a student at the University of California, Merced, who marched in the event told Campus Reform that the Secret Service had seemed on edge well before the “suspicious package” was discovered.

“Several agents seemed hostile to our march and seemed anxious for us to leave the area,” said Lewis. “The discovery of the ‘unidentified package’ came just as the protest began gain traction.”

The Tatler is keeping an eye on this story.

Update: Bike cop shuts down video as protesters are told to move.

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