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Gallup: Registered Hispanic Voters Put Other Issues Ahead of Immigration Policy

Gallup finds a policy priority gap between registered Hispanic voters and Hispanics in general. Among the registered voter set, immigration policy is not the top priority. It’s not even in second place.


As Gallup notes:

The new USA Today/Gallup poll makes it clear that economic issues — particularly unemployment and economic growth — are more important to Hispanic voters nationwide than immigration. At present, Obama fares significantly better than Romney among Hispanics who cite each of these issues.

It’s slightly different story among Hispanics in general, who rank three issues — healthcare, unemployment and immigration — equally as the top issues.

Hispanic registered voters’ preferences and those of non-Hispanic US adults aren’t far from sync.

Obama currently enjoys a massive lead among Hispanic voters, but Republicans do have an opening to turn ObamaCare and the economy against him. Hispanic voters tend to be economically left of center but socially right of center, and the ObamaCare abortifacient mandate strikes at the heart of the Catholic Church. Tie ObamaCare to the deteriorating economy and to its attack on the Catholic Church’s religious freedom may pay off for the GOP.

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