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The Saddest, Worst Video You'll See All Month: Middle School Kids Abuse School Bus Monitor

You may have seen this video by now. It’s the viral clip of middle school kids in New York state abusing a bus monitor. The language used by the young kids and the cruelty they display are equally disturbing. It’s like Lord of the Flies takes a ride home. Language warning, obviously.

All I can say is, if any kid of mine turned out to be involved in anything like this, there would be weeping and privilege revocations and chores and prized possessions hitting ebay. The parents of these middle school kids are not doing their jobs. Not to go all “when I was a kid,” but when I was a kid no one dared do anything this aggressive, profane or stupid to someone in a position of authority. Bus rides home from school, and mine was 10 miles, were nearly always awful, but they were nothing like this. I’m afraid that my generation has thrown away any semblance of parenting and any values along with it.

Karen Huff Klein, the abused bus monitor, appeared on Fox today and says the apologies haven’t been coming very fast.

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