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Why Does DOJ Tolerate Foreigners on Florida Voter Rolls?

You might wonder why the Justice Department is so hostile toward removing foreigners from the voter rolls in Florida.   DOJ sued Florida today to stop the removal on non-citizens from the rolls.  Lots of people can’t understand why, but I can.

If you read my PJ Media posting from July 2010, you have a fairly good idea.

But if you really want an insider’s account of the corruption within the Obama Justice Department, the under-oath testimony of former Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates may be the best peek yet behind the curtain.

The left wing drones relish attacking my account of the corruption within the DOJ, but they never make mention of Coates.  How could they?  He corroborated all of my under-oath testimony.  And his testimony in September 2010 describes the pervasive ideological opposition to election integrity laws inside DOJ that sparked the lawsuits filed today against Florida.

I urge you to read all of his testimony here, and particularly pages 31-37 about the corrupt and partisan failure to faithfully execute the laws of the United States by this Justice Department.  Coates described the partisan benefits to Obama in not enforcing Motor Voter to force clean-up of the rolls:

Furthermore, it should be noted not to enforce the list maintenance provisions of Section 8 is likely to have a partisan consequence as well. A number of the jurisdictions that have bloated voter registration lists are where there are sizeable minority populations that are Democratic strongholds.

If you really want to understand the methods and mindsets that threaten the integrity of the November elections, and why Holder allows American voter rolls to rot with ineligible voters, read Coates’ description from inside DOJ.

(You can learn more about the radical lawyers who filed the complaint against Florida today at my PJ Rule of Law post.)