Winner: Two Current World Leaders as Young Men — Photo Caption Contest

Thanks to all the PJ Media readers who entered what turned out to be our most popular photo caption contest to date.

Our panel of VIP judges have now rendered their decision. However there have been reports that Uzis and the evil weed were fired and fired up in the judges’ conference room which may explain why the winner is:


Bibi and Barry  … Locked and Loaded and Just Loaded

Submitted by Sara Noble

Congratulations Sara!  The competition was tough and now the national anthem is playing for you.

Second Place:

One puts a mag in an Uzi, one takes a drag on a doobie.

Submitted by Kent Atwater

Third Place:

Which one is preparing for a joint operation?

Submitted by  W. J. J. Hoge

Here are some VERY honorable mentions:

Zion Lion and Maui Wowie

Submitted by cfbleachers

Willing to take a hit

Submitted by Eliyahu Sidikman

Man of deeds; man of weed.

Submitted by David Gerstman

Bibi vs. Bozo
Firing a round vs. clowning around

Submitted by Carmelita

Bibi and Barry — Armed and Dangerous.

Submitted by LeighB

Bibi and Barry:  The Bold and the Buzzed

Submitted by Daniel Blatt

See you all next time a photo is worthy of this prestigious contest.



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