Five Things that Are More Informative than Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder testified to Rep. Darrel Issa’s House Oversight Committee today, the eighth time he has testified to Congress concerning the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal. Two American agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed by Fast and Furious guns, but despite new evidence that Holder has not been up front about what he and his office knew about the scandal, the media continues to treat it as a partisan issue, when the MSM (other than CBS and Fox) covers the story at all.


Fast and Furious may well have gone away as a scandal a year ago, if Holder had simply answered straightforward questions at the time. Of course, the scandal may also have forced him out of office and into a cell, depending on what he knew and when, and what he did or didn’t do. We don’t know, largely because of how little Holder has had to say about the scandal.

In the interests of making historic comparisons to informative figures of the past, the Tatler has compiled a list of Five Things that are More Informative than Eric Holder.

5. The Mona Lisa. She just sits there, sort of smiling. What is she thinking? Is she a long lost Italian aristocrat? Is she Leonardo himself? We don’t really know, and she ain’t sayin.

4. Stonehenge. Who built it? Why? How? Where’d they get those huge rocks? It’s taken archeologists more than a hundred years of near constant research with state of the art gear to figure out just basic facts about the mysterious circle of large, sort of rectangular stones that has occupied the Salisbury plain for thousands of years.

3. The ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey. A monolith, flashy psychedelic colors, an astronaut, an old man, a baby…what? It’s intentionally arty and obscure, yet it still tells us more than our attorney general.


2. Garbo.

1. The Sphinx. After 5,000+ years, archeologists still aren’t entirely sure who built it for what purpose, or even whose face is up there. The Sphinx is just a big, stony riddle, carved out of the Egyptian bedrock. But if Congress subpoenaed it, the Sphinx would undoubtedly tell us more than Eric Holder has in his eight congressional hearings on Fast and Furious.


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