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Oops: Ed Schulz Probably Wishes He Hadn't Made This Ad

If you weren’t watching MSNBC during last night’s Wisconsin wipeout, you missed some must-see TV. Scary Larry O’Donnell reacted to the left’s defeat by bringing on some fringe professor who wants to get rid of the Constitution altogether. Ed Schultz spent the entire night looking like he’d eaten a bad fish platter. The best description of Rachel Maddow I saw was that she devolved into a kind of performance art. The entire network was both loathsome and offensive, yet it was impossible to look away.

Before the night kicked off, Ed Schultz cut this ad to set the stage for MSNBC’s recall coverage.


I think Wisconsin is a microcosm of what’s taking place across the country. Whereas the tax breaks went to the corporations, and yet they try to balance the budget on the back of the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the teacher, the firefighters and those who can’t afford to give up anymore. It’s about protecting the future of workers in America.

After that first sentence, forget the rest, and Schultz is absolutely right.

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