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McDonnell: Unions Over-Recalled Wisconsinites

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said this morning on CNN that labor unions overreached and created recall fatigue in Wisconsin, which is one of the reasons why his counterpart Scott Walker survived yesterday’s recall attempt.

“They tried a judge, legislators, and now governor, and I think people realize this is too much,” he said.

“And I think most importantly Scott Walker is a man of courage and principle,” McDonnell continued. “And thirdly is the organization on the ground, the Republican Governors Association chipped in about $9 million because we believe in Scott Walker but groups like Americans for prosperity, the NRA and others who really believed this was a microcosm of what was happening in Washington and the issues in the election for president on jobs and spending and taxes and deficit.”

McDonnell drew parallels between the referendum in Wisconsin and November’s presidential election.

“Mitt Romney has got different ideas and it’s going to be Romney’s ideas against Obama’s record, similar to what the referendum was about in the election in Wisconsin,” he said. “I think the issue matrix is the same.”

“We need a new fiscal policy and therefore we need a new president,” he added. “I’m saying that’s the bigger issue that I see from last night that translates into victory for Romney in November.”