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Dem Senator: Wait to Do 'Something Really Big' on Economy Until After Election

A Delaware Democrat argued on CNN this morning that President Obama and his party need to keep “hitting singles” in economic recovery steps, but wait for the “home run” until after the election.

In the wake of Friday’s disappointing Labor report, Finance Committee member Sen. Tom Carper said Obama and others need to not “walk ourselves into recession” by remembering that “our hair is not on fire.”

“We’re doing a whole series of things to help stimulate the economy. There are three, four, or five of them pending now – a comprehensive transportation Bill, 2 to 3 million jobs, postal reform, 7 million or 8 million jobs flow from that, FDA reform legislation,” Carper said. “It’s a variety of things. I call it hitting singles, and we need to continue to hit a bunch of singles, create a more nurturing environment for job creation.”

“Set the stage for hitting a homerun,” he added. “And hit a homerun is what we need to do after the election.”

Carper argued that the big stuff should wait until after election because “what’s going on in Europe is hurting us, but also what’s hurting us now is the concern that we’re not going to do anything after the election.”

The senator touted the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction plan, which Obama doesn’t support, as a “roap map” to “get ready to do something really big after the election.”

Carper is among those up for re-election this year; it’s considered a safe race for the Democrat.

“There’s 50 of us in the Senate who support that particular approach,” he added. “And we just need to do it.”